What do the Signs in the Palm indicate?

Janet Li
2 min readMar 17, 2021
Photo by Alice Butenko on Unsplash

Apart from the main line that can be seen at first sight, there are many vertical and horizontal short lines in our palm. They are called the secondary lines. And these secondary lines will cross each other to generate the lines that represent different fates.

For example, two lines that cross each other and show the shape of a cross are called “cross signs”. It represents the interruptions and the barrier in our daily life. When we find out its good luck or bad luck, we should find out its location in the palm.

The line pattern that is constructed by one main line and two short lines are called “triangle signs”. It implies the owner has certain expertise and talent.

Three short lines that cross each other and are located at the Sun mount are called the “Star sign”. Its presence implies that the owner may have artistic talents. If the “Star sign” appears at another location, the owner will meet the problems in certain corresponding aspects.

If there is a series of vertical lines and horizontal lines in the mount and constitute the pattern of the net. It is called the “net sign”. It will temporarily emerge. Therefore, the problems it predicts are also temporary.

The “Square sign” always appear at the main line or the mount. It will accompany with a piece of blank space. It symbolizes the protective power.

The pattern that appears on the main line and like an island is called “island sign”. It implies the change of energy.

The connection of the island is called “Chain sign”. It represents that the owner will meet with a series of problems.

Janet Li

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