Does the People with Short Distance between the Three Main Lines lack Tolerance?

Janet Li
2 min readApr 26, 2021
Does the distance between the three main lines imply some questions?

In palmistry, the distance between the three main lines does imply some questions.

If the distance between the heart line and the headline is very short, the owner will lack tolerance. He or she is impatient and easy to be angry. He or she may be ill.

If the distance between the headline and the lifeline is very short, the owner will be obscured. He or she loves thinking deeply in daily life.

In most cases, the heart line is independent. The headline and the lifeline are starting at the same point. However, there are some exceptions. The headline and the lifeline that is starting at the same point are usually departing from each other between the index finger and the middle finger. The later the departure appears, the longer the owner will be protected by their parents. They are also more dependent on their parents. This kind of person is weak. They may have the Oedipus complex and the Electra complex.

Apart from that, there are the following possibilities:

If there are too many miscellaneous lines in the palm, their thought will be more complicated. They have a bee in one’s bonnet. They have encountered a situation that is too much pressure. They will even suffer from mental illness.

If the heart line is chain-like, the owner has a fickle personality. They like to pay attention to the things that others find it meaningless. They will show strong personal feelings on that matter. It is easy to form the habits of thinking too deep.

If there are several parallel lines at the end of the headline, the owner worries too much. They are usually worried unreasonably.

If the radian of the headline is bigger and it leans to the lifeline to extend downwards, the owner is bad at combating the pressure. They usually think too deep. This kind of people will be full of fancy in love affairs. Therefore, they likely become a poet or a novelist.

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