5 Signs in Your Palms that You are Working Hard with No Result

Janet Li
2 min readJun 8, 2020
Palms show that you are working hard with no result.

There are ultimately some people who are played by the fate. They worked hard all the day. However, they get nothing at the result. There are many lines in the palms that denote to the fate of career. If you have a good analysis of them, you will do a good job.

1. The bracelet line likes a chain

The bracelet line likes a chain. That means the three lines in your wrist like chains. It represents that the owner pays too much attention on the material side. They like to play and enjoy the life. The owner loves vanity. Although the owner is quite calculative, he/she always spend more than what he/she earn. Therefore, the owner should work hard to earn money to meet his/her desire.

2. The Clear Grid on the Venus mount

The clear grid on the Venus mount means that the region around the life line is full of grids. It means the owner should do everything by himself/herself. It is because he does not believe other people. Therefore, he is not willing to let others help him/her handle everything. Moreover, because of devoid of the complete planning, he/she does things without system. As someone who loses its direction, the effectiveness of the owner is very low.

3. The Intermittent Fate Line

The intermittent fate line represents that the fate line is full of fractures and shows shapeless outlook. It represents that the owner has not made the effort to accomplish the task. He or she has no method to do it completely. He or she will step back at the half of the way. His or her fate should be affected.

4. Straight Line in the Fingertips

There are numerous straight lines in the fingertips. Apart from the thumb, there are many straight lines on other fingertips. It represents that he or she should be buys all the days without much results. The owner is short-sighted for the future. He or she can only discover the profit in front of him/her. The owner will be busy in the whole day to earn his/her money. He or she will be suffered at the end of his life.

5. Various sun lines with the branches

Various sun lines with the branches (indicated by the above diagram) means that many branches have extended from the sun line. It represents that the owner has many interests and love learning and be willing to learn the knowledge from different aspects. However, he or she does not have the endurance and cannot be persistent. Therefore, he or she cannot get much finally.



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